FX 3250 Pick Counter II

Automatic Pick Counter


The FX 3250 PickCounter II determines the thread density of woven fabrics and wire meshes
as well as the loop density of knitwear. It can be used for measurements in the laboratory and
for mobile applications on the production floor.



Benefit thanks to a wide measuring range

The measuring range of 8 – 300 threads/cm (20 – 762
threads/in) makes it possible to measure most fabrics
with a regular pattern.

Benefit thanks to battery operation

Operation with (rechargeable) batteries makes the
instrument independent of a stationary power source.
If desired, an external power adapter can be used.

Benefit thanks to semiautomatic operation

For taking a measurement, a search range is selected
and the instrument is placed onto the fabric. After
pushing the start button, the result is displayed in
the selected unit of measure.

Benefit thanks to internal illumination

A special and automatic illumination system of the
specimen eliminates the interfering effects of colors and
patterns. Therefore, even colored and patterned test
specimens deliver perfect test results.

Benefit thanks to evaluation option

The instrument can be connected to a PC. With the
evaluation program FX 3250-II EVA, test results can be
transferred to a PC and a test report can be generated.

Benefit thanks to calibration card

By means of the supplied calibration card, the FX 3250
PickCounter II can be checked and calibrated by the
operator within a very short period of time.