Automatic Crimp Contraction and Shrinkage Tester



    The TEXTURMAT ME+ is a test instrument for fully
    automatic length measurements on yarn hanks,
    characterised by its high flexibility in terms of test
    sequence configuration, choice of…

  • DynaFil

    Dynamic Thermal Analyzers



    The DYNAFIL was initially developed for testing textured yarns but, at a later stage, also proved to be a breakthrough in the testing of POY for quality assurance…

  • Cotton Clearing Line




    In order to control the quality of the semi- and final
    products in a cotton spinning mill manufacturing
    100% cotton or blended yarns (cotton/man-made
    fi bre blends), several testing devices are necessary

  • Fimatest

    Fibre-Matrix Adhesion Tester FIMATEST



    The performance of composite materials strongly
    depends on the adhesion of the fibres to the matrix.
    On the microscopic level different test procedures
    have been established in various research institutes,

  • Covatest

    Capacitive Evenness Tester for Slivers, Rovings,
    and Spun Yarns with optional Hairiness Module



    Textechno’s COVATEST is a perfect testing instrument
    to measure all above-mentioned parameters.
    Based on the well-proved capacitive measuring
    principle the mass irregularity…

  • Drapetest

    Automatic Drapability Tester



    The behavior of standard- and non-crimp fabrics
    in forming and draping is of importance in any
    production process of non-flat, fabric-reinforced
    composite parts. As automation of such production
    processes progresses, drapability and…

  • Statimat Me+

    Automatic Tensile Tester



    This fully automatic tensile tester represents
    the latest evolutionary stage of the legendary
    STATIMAT line, which has been manufactured by
    Textechno for approximately 50 years. The
    STATIMAT ME+ combines a budget price…

  • Statimat DS

    Automatic Tensile-,
    Evenness-, and
    Count Tester



    n the production of staple fi bre- or fi lament yarns
    as well as in twisting or texturizing operations
    quality control serves to secure material properties
    which ensure trouble-free downstream…

  • Statimat 4U

    Automatic Linear Density-,
    Twist-, and Tensile Tester
    for High-Tenacity Yarns



    Automatic tensile tests on yarns with high linear
    density and breaking strength demand special requirements
    regarding clamps, measuring system,
    sample waste disposal, and mechanical stability
    of the…

  • Favimat + Favigraph

    Automatic Single-Fibre Testers



    Testing and evaluation of a wide range of fibre
    properties are essential for research and quality
    control purposes in fibre production and for assessing
    the processability of fibres in carding…