• Turf Tensometer

    Carpet And Floorcoverings

    The WIRA Tuft Withdrawal
    Tensometer measures the
    force required to withdraw a
    single tuft or loop of pile from a
    carpet – that is, the binding
    force between carpet pile and
    backing. The instrument is normally
    used on small samples
    of carpet in the laboratory, but
    the balance may be detached
    and used in selected positions
    on large pieces or on carpets
    already laid.



  • Carpet Static Loading Tester

    Carpet And Floorcoverings

    The WIRA Carpet Static
    Loading Tester provides a convenient
    and reliable method of
    simulating such indentations
    and hence of ability of floorcoverings
    to recover from them.



  • Carpet Dynamic Loading Machine

    WIRA Carpet

    The WIRA Dynamic Loading
    Machine gives information on
    the ‘bedding-down’ of the pile,
    by simulating two of the main
    actions of walking: compression,
    and the shearing effect
    at the edge of the shoe.



  • Carpet Flammability

    WIRA Carpet
    Flammability Tester


    The WIRA Flammability Tester is
    used to test the effects of a small
    source of ignition on floorcoverings.
    It can be used for either the
    hot metal nut test (BS 4790) or
    the methenamine tablet test (ISO
    6925 and BS 6307).


  • Carpet Abrasion

    WIRA Carpet
    Abrasion Machine


    The WIRA Carpet Abrasion
    Machine gives a measurement
    of abrasion resistance.


  • Wira Hexapod

    WIRA Hexapod Tumbler
    Carpet Tester


    The WIRA Hexapod Tumbler
    Tester is a popular apparatus
    used in the evaluation of the
    appearance retention of carpets.


  • Martindale

    Abrasion and Pilling Tester with TestWise Touch™

    Abrasion and Pilling Tester with TestWise Touch™, available with up to 9 stations and adaptable to test a wide range of applications – textiles, socks, leather, coated upholstery, carpets, and shirt collars.


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