Quick-drying is an important attribute of textiles worn next to the skin, during sporting activities where the skin is likely to perspire. ProDry replicates the conditions to verify the quick-drying fabrics are performing effectively.



    WickView is a state-of-the-art instrument using advanced imaging to track and record moisture transfer through a garment, helping understand its effectiveness at moisture management and wicking behaviour.



    TruRain is an artificial rain shower testing instrument for determining the water repellency of textiles. This is an important function of technical fabrics, which are intended to protect the user in wet conditions.



    The AquAbrasion is a Wet Abrasion Tester based on the traditional Martindale instrument. It is an accurate and repeatable way of conducting wet abrasion testing, which we have proven to be a crucial step in establishing the durability of outdoor wear.

  • Thermax Irreversible Temperature Indicating Strips

    Thermax Surface Temperature Monitoring System

    Thermax is a range of Labels and Strips that change colour permanently, indicating the maximum temperature achieved. Available with a wide range of temperatures and sizes.



      Temperature Indicator Devices

    Thermax is a range of Labels and Strips that change colour permanently, indicating the maximum temperature achieved. Available with a wide range of temperatures and sizes.


  • Labels re CZ (Chromazone) Reversible Thermochromics

    Temperature-sensitive Chromazone Reversible Inks and Pigments

    Chromazone is coloured in its cold state, becoming colourless when heated above its rated temperature. This reaction is reversible.
    Standard temperatures are 15oC, 31oC, and 47oC and Standard Colours available are Black, Red, and Blue

  • TMC Crystal Flyer Single Inks – Colour Change Thermometry

      Temperature Indicator Devices

    Thermax is a range of Labels and Strips that change colour permanently, indicating the maximum temperature achieved. Available with a wide range of temperatures and sizes.


  • TMC LC Sales Lit Digitemp LC Thermometers

      Temperature Indicator Devices

    Thermax is a range of Labels and Strips that change colour permanently, indicating the maximum temperature achieved. Available with a wide range of temperatures and sizes.

  • Taber Rotary Abraser 1700/1750

    Wear and Abrasion Testing



    Taber Abraser can be used to test virtually any flat specimen. Its
    field of application has included tests of: painted, lacquered, powder
    coated, and electroplated surfaces; textile fabrics ranging from sheer
    silks to heavy upholstery and carpeting; and solid materials such as
    metals, stone and ceramics. Other materials include paper, glass,
    plastics, leather, rubber, linoleum, laminates, plus many others.

  • Universal Thickness Gauge And Bending Length Tester For Nonwoven Fabrics



    Bulky nonwovens with a thickness of
    greater than 20 mm should be tested
    on this apparatus. The specimen is
    placed on a base plate and covered
    by a glass plate, the pressure exerted
    on the sample is 0.02 kPa.
    The measuring arm is lowered until
    the pointer touches the surfaceof the
    glass plate. The thickness is read
    from the digital display.


  • AATCC Crock Squares Box



    AATCC Crockmeter Test Cloth
    Cut in 50 mm squares (2″ X 2″ Straight Edges) pieces from AATCC Standard Crockmeter White Cloth.
    Specially designed 5 small easy to use boxes of 200 pieces in each 1000 piece box.
    Certificate of Conformity and Detailed Test Report inside each box.

    In year 1936, AATCC Test Method 8 and others calling for Crockmeter Test Cloth was developed using the crockmeter test cloth ‘solely’ provided by Testfabrics, Inc. During 75+ years of continuous supply, there have been continuous product improvements based on decades of customer feedback worldwide resulted in making it “the first choice” of leading labs around the globe.


  • Ge-Te-Flow



    The GE-TE-FLOW Permeameter is a fully
    automatic, computer-controlled instrument for
    testing the water permeability of geotextiles,
    fleeces and related materials. In conformity
    with EN ISO 11058, it operates by the falling
    head method, measuring normal to the
    specimen plane and without a load applied.



  • Turf Tensometer

    Carpet And Floorcoverings

    The WIRA Tuft Withdrawal
    Tensometer measures the
    force required to withdraw a
    single tuft or loop of pile from a
    carpet – that is, the binding
    force between carpet pile and
    backing. The instrument is normally
    used on small samples
    of carpet in the laboratory, but
    the balance may be detached
    and used in selected positions
    on large pieces or on carpets
    already laid.



  • Carpet Static Loading Tester

    Carpet And Floorcoverings

    The WIRA Carpet Static
    Loading Tester provides a convenient
    and reliable method of
    simulating such indentations
    and hence of ability of floorcoverings
    to recover from them.



  • Carpet Dynamic Loading Machine

    WIRA Carpet

    The WIRA Dynamic Loading
    Machine gives information on
    the ‘bedding-down’ of the pile,
    by simulating two of the main
    actions of walking: compression,
    and the shearing effect
    at the edge of the shoe.



  • Carpet Flammability

    WIRA Carpet
    Flammability Tester


    The WIRA Flammability Tester is
    used to test the effects of a small
    source of ignition on floorcoverings.
    It can be used for either the
    hot metal nut test (BS 4790) or
    the methenamine tablet test (ISO
    6925 and BS 6307).


  • Carpet Abrasion

    WIRA Carpet
    Abrasion Machine


    The WIRA Carpet Abrasion
    Machine gives a measurement
    of abrasion resistance.


  • Perspirometer & Incubator


    For textile testing laboratories where
    accuracy and reliability are key, the Incubator
    and Perspirometer from James Heal provide
    the ideal solution

  • FlexiBurn

    Multipurpose Flammability Tester™

    For testing ease of ignition and flame
    spread properties of a variety of textile
    and similar materials.



    Automatic Crimp Contraction and Shrinkage Tester



    The TEXTURMAT ME+ is a test instrument for fully
    automatic length measurements on yarn hanks,
    characterised by its high flexibility in terms of test
    sequence configuration, choice of measuring loads
    and time-intervals for the loading- and unloading
    periods. As a result, it is possible to carry out different
    testing methods according to different standards,
    e.g. crimp contraction or shrinkage tests not only
    on (textured) filament yarns but also on fibre tow.


  • DynaFil

    Dynamic Thermal Analyzers



    The DYNAFIL was initially developed for testing textured yarns but, at a later stage, also proved to be a breakthrough in the testing of POY for quality assurance purposes in the spinning of filament yarn.
    To-date, the most important application areas for thermomechanical tests on running yarns.


  • CrockMaster

    Colour Fastness to Rubbing Tester™

    Colour Fastness to Rubbing Tester, used to test textiles, carpets, laminates, and printing inks, as well as the micro-scratch resistance of lacquers, coatings and painted surfaces



  • GyroWash


    Available as 8 and 20 pot instruments, the
    GyroWash is a colour fastness to
    laundering tester for textiles and leather,
    according to AATCC and ISO standards.
    Featuring the most simple to use
    touchscreen user interface on the market.


  • Wascator

    Standardised European washing machine™

    The Wascator has
    long since established
    itself as the standard
    reference washing
    machine for textile


  • Impluse


    Our Impulse range, available in 4 or 2 chamber
    models, are the only instruments that offer
    interchangeable impellers and greatly
    improved sample rotation throughout the test
    to give reliability, accuracy and flexibility.


  • DynaWash Duo


    For laboratories performing a high volume of repeated wash
    tests, DynaWash Duo with integrated spinner will provide a
    life time of laundering in a fraction of the time.
    Now with the James Heal touchscreen user interface, the
    most simple to use controller for textile testing.


  • TruFade


    TruFade offers a fresh approach to light fastness testing – it
    streamlines a difficult area of colour fastness testing to deliver
    consistent and accurate results. Intuitive software allows routine
    testing to be started in as little as three touches of the screen. TruFade is used to test the light fastness of
    textiles, leather and other materials.


  • Cotton Clearing Line




    In order to control the quality of the semi- and final
    products in a cotton spinning mill manufacturing
    100% cotton or blended yarns (cotton/man-made
    fi bre blends), several testing devices are necessary
    in the textile physical laboratory to test the
    most important parameters.


  • Cap 100




    The fluid handling of nonwoven and woven
    materials for hygienic and other applications
    involving fluids has a major impact on the
    functionality of the end product. A detailed
    analysis of the capillary properties of the
    material gives essential feedback for purposes
    of product- and process optimisation.


  • Deatak UL 94 & IEC Tester


    Model GOV-94-X (export)



    Most widely used small scale test to screen plastic materials for horizontal and vertical burning properties.


  • Deatak Horizontal Flamability Tester


    Model HC-1-X (export)
    Model HC-2-X (export)



    Measures the burning rate of materials used in automotive interiors and certain aircraft interiors.


  • Wira Rapid Oil Extraction

    WIRA Rapid Oil
    Extraction Apparatus


    The world’s most popular
    instrument for quick determination
    of oil and spin finish content.


  • Wira Hexapod

    WIRA Hexapod Tumbler
    Carpet Tester


    The WIRA Hexapod Tumbler
    Tester is a popular apparatus
    used in the evaluation of the
    appearance retention of carpets.


  • Wira Cotton Fibre Fineness & Maturity Meter

    NEW WIRA Electronic


    The new generation WIRA Cotton
    Fineness and Maturity Meter has
    been designed to incorporate
    innovative features which allow the
    simultaneous testing of cotton
    fineness, micronaire, and maturity in
    one convenient operation.


  • Elastocon Relaxation

    Stress Relaxation and Creep Systems


    Stress relaxation tests on rubber materials have become highly popular for determining the properties of rubber. From the beginning stress relaxation tests were predominantly used in scientific projects at universities, but a growing use in industrial applications has been shown in recent years, mainly due to the introduction of stress relaxation tests in different product standards, such as sealing rings for pipes and in specifications in the automotive industry.


  • Elastocon Fogging Tester

    For testing of Windscreen Fogging


    Equipment for determination of windscreen fogging according to ISO, ASTM
    and other automotive standards. The equipment has a compact design with
    the heating bath and cooling bath integrated in one casing.
    For cooling the water bath, the instrument is normally connected to tap water
    of max 18 °C. If the tap water is too warm, a model EB 03C c03C can be supplied
    with a built in cooling system with Peltier elements.


  • Elastocon Ageing Ovens

    For precision ageing of rubber and plastic materials


    Elastocon presents our latest generation of cell ovens for the precision ageing of polymer materials. We have produced and developed cell ovens and ageing cabinets since 1987. Benefitting from this long experience our ovens represent a major step forward in the design of such instruments.
    Manufactured in 4 or 6 cell configurations, the ovens are available with either single temperature controller or multiple (individual) cell controllers.


  • Vibroskop 500



    Our Vibroskop 500 is an automatic instrument
    for the determination of the titer (dtex, den) of
    single fibers. By an advanced and patented
    approach of the vibration method (Vibroskop
    method) it assures best accuracy and reliability
    and it eliminates any influence of the operator.



  • Vibrodyn 500



    Vibrodyn 500 has been developed to cover the
    wide spectrum of requirements in tensile testing
    of single fibers. Programmable microelectronics
    guarantee maximum flexibility.
    The instrument is „one button operated“ for easy
    and fast handling. Thereby, any operator
    influence is avoided, which means optimum
    accuracy and reliability of results.



  • Slosh BoX 100



    Declaration of flushability becomes more and
    more important in line with the increasing use
    of consumable wipes of nonwoven materials.
    Incorrect or non existent labelling for flushability
    causes problems with clogging, blockages and
    equipment failure in the conveyance and
    wastewater treatment systems.
    The guidelines drawn up by INDA/EDANA
    include a number of tests, which assists
    producers in verifying the flushability of their



  • NIS 200






  • Lister AC




    Our EDANA-recommended LISTER AC offers
    electronic measurement of the liquid-strikethrough
    time. The liquid-strike-through time is
    the time taken for a known volume of test liquid
    (simulated urine) applied to the surface of a
    test piece of nonwoven coverstock, which is in
    contact with underlaying standard absorbent
    pads to pass through the nonwovens.


  • SnagPod

    Snagging resistance tester



    Snagging is the
    appearance of
    undesirable loops
    on the surface of
    garments caused
    by catching the
    fabric on sharp


  • Proview

    Extraordinary Testing Solutions


    ProView – Easy and efficient
    grading with access, via a swipe
    of the integrated touch screen,
    to a library of photographic
    assessment images*


  • FX 3250 Pick Counter II

    Automatic Pick Counter


    The FX 3250 PickCounter II determines the thread density of woven fabrics and wire meshes
    as well as the loop density of knitwear. It can be used for measurements in the laboratory and
    for mobile applications on the production floor.


  • FX 3000 Hydrotester IV

    Automatic Hydrostatic Head Tester





  • FLUSH 100




    The market for disposable hygiene products
    has increased rapidly in the last years. For
    producers of nonwoven consumer products it
    is therefore becoming more and more important
    to test the compatibility of their products with
    various wastewater treatment systems.
    One criterion for a product to be called flushable
    is to which degree the product settles in various
    parts of the wastewater system. The
    corresponding test is the column settling test.


  • Fimatest

    Fibre-Matrix Adhesion Tester FIMATEST



    The performance of composite materials strongly
    depends on the adhesion of the fibres to the matrix.
    On the microscopic level different test procedures
    have been established in various research institutes,
    however, most results are not comparable,
    since none of these tests are standardized or
    commercially available.


  • Covatest

    Capacitive Evenness Tester for Slivers, Rovings,
    and Spun Yarns with optional Hairiness Module



    Textechno’s COVATEST is a perfect testing instrument
    to measure all above-mentioned parameters.
    Based on the well-proved capacitive measuring
    principle the mass irregularity along the sample is
    analyzed, including a mass spectrogram. The
    COVATEST can be equipped with an optional
    Hairiness Module, which utilizes a modern optical
    sensor with LASER illumination.


  • Drapetest

    Automatic Drapability Tester



    The behavior of standard- and non-crimp fabrics
    in forming and draping is of importance in any
    production process of non-flat, fabric-reinforced
    composite parts. As automation of such production
    processes progresses, drapability and the detection
    of defects during draping like gaps, loops, or
    wrinkles become even more important.
    DRAPETEST, a new automatic drapability tester,
    allows to automatically characterize drapability and
    the formation of defects during draping and forming.
    The tester combines the measurement of the
    force, which is required for forming, with an optical
    analysis of small-scale defects such as gaps and
    loops by means of image analysis. An optional
    triangulation sensor can determine large-scale
    defects such as wrinkles.
    As a standardized simulation of the draping
    process a flat circular sample of the fabric to be
    tested is deformed at its center by means of a
    motor-driven piston. A camera with an appropriate
    illumination inspects the sample at several elevation
    steps while the sample is rotated in order to
    inspect a maximum percentage of its surface. In
    the same manner the sample is scanned by the
    optional triangulation sensor.


  • Statimat Me+

    Automatic Tensile Tester



    This fully automatic tensile tester represents
    the latest evolutionary stage of the legendary
    STATIMAT line, which has been manufactured by
    Textechno for approximately 50 years. The
    STATIMAT ME+ combines a budget price with
    maximum flexibility, low energy consumption, and
    the outstanding performance of a STATIMAT ME.
    As its predecessors it features the straight input
    feed into the test section by the draw-off clamp for
    each new yarn length. In addition to the advantages
    of low technical expenditure, high delivery
    speed, and extremely reliable operation the
    STATIMAT ME+ enables the use of a package
    changer for feeding up to 50 yarn packages. The
    modular composition of the ME+ allows optimised
    configurations for every technical demand and


  • Statimat DS

    Automatic Tensile-,
    Evenness-, and
    Count Tester



    n the production of staple fi bre- or fi lament yarns
    as well as in twisting or texturizing operations
    quality control serves to secure material properties
    which ensure trouble-free downstream processing
    as well as fl awless fi nal products. On the other
    hand, by routine testing of yarns it is possible to
    recognize faults in the production process early
    enough to analyze the causes of such defects and
    to take corrective actions.
    The most important properties of yarns are tensile
    strength and elongation, mass unevenness, and
    yarn count (linear density). Static tensile tests, yarn
    evenness tests, as well as various methods of yarn
    count testing, e.g. by means of wrap reel and
    balance, serve for the assessment of these yarn
    properties. The operation of different test equip-
    ment to which the yarn samples are presented one
    after another, results in high expenditure of labour
    and, especially in case of modern automatic
    computer-controlled testing equipment, in
    considerable fi nancial investment.


  • Statimat 4U

    Automatic Linear Density-,
    Twist-, and Tensile Tester
    for High-Tenacity Yarns



    Automatic tensile tests on yarns with high linear
    density and breaking strength demand special requirements
    regarding clamps, measuring system,
    sample waste disposal, and mechanical stability
    of the testing equipment. This particularly applies
    to technical yarns comprising high-tenacity
    polymers such as Aramid or UHMWPE. Here
    force-measurement limits of 1000 N and mechanical
    stress limitations for such test equipment are
    insufficient in most cases. In addition, the clamps
    of the automatic tensile testing equipment are often
    inadequate for withstanding breaking forces of this


  • Favimat + Favigraph

    Automatic Single-Fibre Testers



    Testing and evaluation of a wide range of fibre
    properties are essential for research and quality
    control purposes in fibre production and for assessing
    the processability of fibres in carding and
    spinning. For man-made fibres and in some cases
    even for natural fibres these tests are carried out
    on single fibres. Here, typical testing methods
    are the static tensile test, linear-density
    (fineness) measurement, and measurement of
    crimp extension, crimp stability as well as number of crimps.


  • FX 3500 Combi Scan

    CombiScan Online Tester



    The FX 3500 CombiScan is used for continuous
    measurement of the air permeability,
    pressure drop, and – on request
    – thickness at the moving web.
    The instrument can be integrated
    directly into a production line. The
    traversing test head provides
    – depending on the line speed – a
    high-density zigzag profile.
    After termination of each
    measurement, a comprehensive,
    but still well-arranged test protocol
    can be generated.


  • FX 3180 CupMaster

    Water Vapor Transmission Rate Tester



    The FX 3180 CupMaster determines the Water Vapor Transmission Rate of up to 15 samples
    simultaneously and fully automatically, using the gravimetric measuring principle. The instrument
    complies with ASTM E 96, ASTM D 1653, BS 3424-34, DIN 53122, EN 1931, GB 1037, GB/T
    12704, ISO 2528, ISO 12572, JIS L 1099-A, JIS Z 0208, and many other Standard Test Methods.


  • FX 3340 MinAir

    Air Permeability Tester


    The first-rate reference list of the globally established
    TEXTEST instruments speaks for itself. It mirrors more
    than 40 years of experience, know-how, and competence
    in research & development. The fourth generation of
    Air Permeability Testers for laboratory applications helps
    customers to increase productivity and to improve quality.


  • FX 3345 FlexAir

    Air Permeability Tester


    The first-rate reference list of the globally established
    TEXTEST instruments speaks for itself. It mirrors more
    than 40 years of experience, know-how, and competence
    in research & development. The fourth generation of
    Air Permeability Testers for laboratory applications helps
    customers to increase productivity and to improve quality.



    Air Permeability Tester


    The first-rate reference list of the globally established
    TEXTEST instruments speaks for itself. It mirrors more
    than 40 years of experience, know-how, and competence
    in research & development. The fourth generation of
    Air Permeability Testers for laboratory applications helps
    customers to increase productivity and to improve quality.


  • ElmaTear

    Digital Elmendorf Tear Tester with TestWise™


    Digital Elmendorf Tear Tester with TestWise™ software and touch-screen, suitable for testing paper, plastic, non-wovens and textiles.


  • TruBurst

    Pneumatic Bursting Strength Tester with TestWise™


    Pneumatic Bursting Strength Tester with TestWise™ software and a range of bursting strength and fatigue tests suitable for knitted textiles, medical textiles, non-wovens, paper and plastics.


  • Titan

    Universal Strength Tester with TestWise™.


    Universal Strength Tester with TestWise™ software, available with capacities of 5kN up to 10kN. For testing a diverse range of applications – from apparel and non-wovens, to rubber and other non-textile materials.


  • Orbitor


    Suitable for testing to a range of standards and retailer test
    methods, the Orbitor is a flexible instrument to which you can add
    different test boxes, drums or chambers depending on the type of
    testing you wish to carry out.


  • Martindale

    Abrasion and Pilling Tester with TestWise Touch™

    Abrasion and Pilling Tester with TestWise Touch™, available with up to 9 stations and adaptable to test a wide range of applications – textiles, socks, leather, coated upholstery, carpets, and shirt collars.


  • ThermaPlate

    Colour Fastness and Thermal
    Stability Tester (Scorch Tester)™

    Full flexibility to enable users
    to test to all known retailers
    and international methods.


  • ElastAbrasion

    Elastomeric Abrasion Tester with TestWise Touch™


    Elastomeric Abrasion Tester with TestWise Touch™. Approved by Volkswagen, for the abrasion of rubber and elastomeric materials that form items such as tyres, seals, and conveyors.


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