FX 3500 Combi Scan

CombiScan Online Tester



The FX 3500 CombiScan is used for continuous
measurement of the air permeability,
pressure drop, and – on request
– thickness at the moving web.
The instrument can be integrated
directly into a production line. The
traversing test head provides
– depending on the line speed – a
high-density zigzag profile.
After termination of each
measurement, a comprehensive,
but still well-arranged test protocol
can be generated.



Benefit thanks to added value

An on-line measurement provides a great deal of added value, for example by
avoiding scrap material, saving time when establishing the machine settings
after a style change, saving labor cost, and improving quality.

Benefit thanks to flexibility

The FX 3500 CombiScan is available in
different versions: as a stand-alone unit
with frame, feet, and idle rollers, or as a
compact unit for production lines with
limited space. A wide web? Up to 20 meters
no problem! The robust construction
ensures a high degree of reliability.

Benefit thanks to

The instrument measures reliably,
even at high line speeds. Highly
precise pressure sensors provide for
an excellent measuring accuracy and
reproducibility of the test results.

Benefit thanks to
data link

The test data is available in different formats for automatic control of the
production machine. Whether by means of an analog signal, XML file, or
various fieldbuses, a data link to the control unit of the production line is
possible and increases the efficiency.

Benefit thanks to real-time results

The results are available in real-time, that is at a time when the production
process can still be influenced. The test data is displayed continuously on the
PC screen both, numerically and graphically. Due to the permanent comparison
with the control range, any quality problem is visible immediately and at
one glance.