The GE-TE-FLOW Permeameter is a fully
automatic, computer-controlled instrument for
testing the water permeability of geotextiles,
fleeces and related materials. In conformity
with EN ISO 11058, it operates by the falling
head method, measuring normal to the
specimen plane and without a load applied.




Further features

Inside usable diameter is 67,8 mm (specimen
diameter 75 mm)
The number of readings taken for an analysis is
automatically limited according to the test
Pumping and level balancing are performed
Components substantial for the measurement
functions can be changed and easily cleaned by
the user.

Software control:

The system‘s Windows® software ensures clear
presentation of all measurements and results.
Specimen information and measurement data can
be exported to peripheral equipment or a host
computer via an interface port. A test can be
repeated any number of times with one and the
same water charge.
A safety routine interlocks all fuctions so as to
exclude faulty operation. The user can observe
the entire test process.