Lister AC




Our EDANA-recommended LISTER AC offers
electronic measurement of the liquid-strikethrough
time. The liquid-strike-through time is
the time taken for a known volume of test liquid
(simulated urine) applied to the surface of a
test piece of nonwoven coverstock, which is in
contact with underlaying standard absorbent
pads to pass through the nonwovens.




Instrument for automatic
measurement of liquid-strikethrough
time of nonwoven
coverstocks according to
EDANA/INDA-standards WSP
70.3, equivalent to ERT 150.5
(02) and ISO reference
9073-8:1995, and WSP 70.7,
equivalent to ERT 153.0 (02) and
ISO reference 9073-13:2001

Test Method

This test method is designed to
determine the liquid-strikethrough
time of nonwoven
coverstocks.A known volume of test liquid is
discharged to the surface of the
sample at a prescribed rate.
The time taken for all the liquid to
penetrate the nonwoven is
measured electronically and is
called liquid-strike-through
time according to EDANA/INDA
standards WSP 70.3 and WSP
70.7 (equivalent to ERT 150.5
(02) and ERT 153.0 (02)).