Slosh BoX 100



Declaration of flushability becomes more and
more important in line with the increasing use
of consumable wipes of nonwoven materials.
Incorrect or non existent labelling for flushability
causes problems with clogging, blockages and
equipment failure in the conveyance and
wastewater treatment systems.
The guidelines drawn up by INDA/EDANA
include a number of tests, which assists
producers in verifying the flushability of their




Product Scope

Automatic and reproducible
testing of the disintegration of
nonwoven material according to
FG502 of the INDA/EDANA
guidance Document for assessing
the Flushability of Nonwovens.

Usage Method

A nonwoven sample is put into a
container filled with water or
Automatic oscillating movements
of the container forces a
disintegration of the sample . After
a test duration of 3 hours, the
residuals are analysed.
Up to three samples can be tested