Air Permeability Tester


The first-rate reference list of the globally established
TEXTEST instruments speaks for itself. It mirrors more
than 40 years of experience, know-how, and competence
in research & development. The fourth generation of
Air Permeability Testers for laboratory applications helps
customers to increase productivity and to improve quality.



Benefit thanks to clever design

The sturdy clamping arm and the quick-release locking
mechanism for the test heads are the result of a close
cooperation of TEXTEST engineers with customers from
many different industries. Due to the increased stability of
the clamping arm, even critical materials will always obtain
test results, which are as accurate as possible. The instrument
is thus also suitable for operation in a rough production enviroment.

Benefit thanks to cleaning function

There is no need for manual cleaning of the orifice disk
anymore. The automatic cleaning function prevents fibers
and dust from obstructing the openings of the orifice disk,
and keeps particles from sticking to the seals.

Benefit thanks to evaluation and printing options

Flexible data management for every customer preference. The FX 3300 LabAir IV is optionally
available with an integrated evaluation program, respectively with an integrated strip printer.
Both options are used for easy documentation of the individual test results and statistical
evaluation. The instrument can be connected to any network by ethernet or Wi-Fi interface.
The data can also be exported to a USB drive.

Benefit thanks
to automatic
selection of the
measuring range

TEXTEST instruments have always been user-friendly. The fourth generation is another step
forward in terms of simplicity of operation. The automatic measuring range control eliminates a
source of error, and allows best possible reproducibility of the test results. The touchscreen is used
to control the instrument, and for optional style management and data storage