Turf Tensometer

Carpet And Floorcoverings

The WIRA Tuft Withdrawal
Tensometer measures the
force required to withdraw a
single tuft or loop of pile from a
carpet – that is, the binding
force between carpet pile and
backing. The instrument is normally
used on small samples
of carpet in the laboratory, but
the balance may be detached
and used in selected positions
on large pieces or on carpets
already laid.



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Additional Features

The tuft retention property is
one important factor in the useful
life of a tufted or traditional
carpet. Carpets which are
badly constructed or poorly
backed may lose complete
tufts in some situations, for
example on stairs. In loop pile
carpets, a good bind is necessary
to prevent long runner
loops being formed.

Test Method

The carpet sample is held
down by a steel plate, and a
pair of surgical forceps is
clamped to one end of the tuft
to be tested, or a hook threaded
through one loop. The forceps
or hook are linked to a
dial balance which is raised at
a steady rate by a small electric