Universal Thickness Gauge And Bending Length Tester For Nonwoven Fabrics



Bulky nonwovens with a thickness of
greater than 20 mm should be tested
on this apparatus. The specimen is
placed on a base plate and covered
by a glass plate, the pressure exerted
on the sample is 0.02 kPa.
The measuring arm is lowered until
the pointer touches the surfaceof the
glass plate. The thickness is read
from the digital display.



WIRA Bending LengthTester

The WIRA Bending Length tester is
used to determine the Bending length
of a nonwoven fabric, and from this
the flexural rigidity can be calculated.
The apparatus is manufactured from
clear Perspex.

Test Pieces

Test pieces are cut from the fabric
measuring 250 x 25 mm. Each test
piece is tested from both ends and
with both sides uppermost (4 tests
in total). The strip is placed on the
platform with the leading edge of
the fabric in line with the front edge
of the platform. The steel ruler is
placed on top of the fabric. The
ruler and fabric are moved forwards
together until the fabric extends
down in line with the engraved
markings. The distance moved is
then read from the ruler.