Carpet Dynamic Loading Machine

WIRA Carpet

The WIRA Dynamic Loading
Machine gives information on
the ‘bedding-down’ of the pile,
by simulating two of the main
actions of walking: compression,
and the shearing effect
at the edge of the shoe.



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Test Method

The weight has two rectangular
steel feet, 51mm by 6.5mm
and 9.5mm deep, attached to
its underside, 38.1mm apart.
By means of a pivoted arm, a
cam raises the weight and then
allows it to fall freely from a
controlled height on to the carpet
specimen every five seconds.
The steel plate to which
the specimen is clamped, is
slowly and continuously traversed
in such a way that
there is 3.2mm movement
between each drop of the


Width: 500mm
Depth: 500mm
Height: 370mm
Power Consumption 250W