Carpet Flammability

WIRA Carpet
Flammability Tester


The WIRA Flammability Tester is
used to test the effects of a small
source of ignition on floorcoverings.
It can be used for either the
hot metal nut test (BS 4790) or
the methenamine tablet test (ISO
6925 and BS 6307).


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Test Method (Hot Nut)

The stainless steel nut is heated
to a temperature of 900°C in a
muffle furnace. The specimen is
placed inside the test chamber
and the clamping rig is placed
onto the sample using crucible
tongs supplied. The heated nut is
placed in the centre of the clamping
rig. After 30 seconds the nut
is removed and the effects of the
ignition allowed to subside.

Test Method
(Methenamine Tablet Test)

It is recommended that the test
chamber is placed in a laboratory
fume hood.
The conditioned specimens are
placed on the removable base
inside the test chamber and the
metal plate with a circular cut-out
is placed on the sample. The
tablet is placed at the centre of
the specimen and ignited.
After the flame has extinguished,
measurements are taken to
assess the effects.