Cotton Clearing Line




In order to control the quality of the semi- and final
products in a cotton spinning mill manufacturing
100% cotton or blended yarns (cotton/man-made
fi bre blends), several testing devices are necessary
in the textile physical laboratory to test the
most important parameters.


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Textechno Cotton

In production of spun yarns an effective quality
control of fi bres, slivers, rovings, and yarns serves
to secure material properties as well as optimal
spinning machine settings. With the new Cotton
Control Line Textechno supplies quality control
systems and know-how for the entire spinning
process from one source.


– Count Analyzer TEXCOUNT,
with YARN REEL and WRAP REEL for
preparation of sliver-, roving-, and yarn samples;
– Evenness & Hairiness Tester COVATEST to
test unevenness on slivers, rovings, and yarns;
optionally for determination of imperfections and
hairiness on yarns;
– STATIMAT ME+ for testing force, elongation,
and tenacity on yarns, or
– STATIMAT DS for testing force, elongation,
tenacity, evenness, and imperfections on yarns;
– DYNAJET Plus for testing weak spots on
yarns, and
– TWIST TESTER 2 for testing the twist values
on all types of yarns.