Dynamic Thermal Analyzers



The DYNAFIL was initially developed for testing textured yarns but, at a later stage, also proved to be a breakthrough in the testing of POY for quality assurance purposes in the spinning of filament yarn.
To-date, the most important application areas for thermomechanical tests on running yarns.


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The DYNAFIL ME incorporates a patented high temperature heater that operates between room temperature and 500°C. In conjunction with godet yarn feed mechanisms and electronically regulated servo drives, it enables test speeds of up to 1000 m/min, which have until now been impossible to realise in measurements of this kind. Furthermore, it opens new application possibilities in the area of high temperature resistant polymers. A further technical innovation is the high-resolution load cell for highly accurate measurement of even the smallest forces, e.g. for crimp tests on

Test Control

– PC system for controlling the test processes and for the evaluation of the measured data, connected via USB interface;
– Textechno software as a WINDOWS application;
– Input of all parameters for testing and measured
data evaluation on the PC, saving of selected parameter sets of test conditions under code words;
– PC easily integrated into any network type