Elastocon Ageing Ovens

For precision ageing of rubber and plastic materials


Elastocon presents our latest generation of cell ovens for the precision ageing of polymer materials. We have produced and developed cell ovens and ageing cabinets since 1987. Benefitting from this long experience our ovens represent a major step forward in the design of such instruments.
Manufactured in 4 or 6 cell configurations, the ovens are available with either single temperature controller or multiple (individual) cell controllers.




• Improved insulation
• Lower surface temperature
• Touch screen control utilising a micro PLC
• Countdown timers
• Alarm history

• Improved door sealing

Additional Advantages

These ovens are designed for ageing tests according to
ASTM D 865 Rubber-Deterioration by Heating in Air (Test
Tube Enclosure). The ovens can also be used for testing in
liquids according to ASTM D 471 and ISO 1817 Effect of liquids.
Glass tubes for both standards are included.
Glass tubes for air cooling are included and water cooling can
be supplied as an option

Cabinet Oven

Cabinet Ovens with excellent temperature stability and
distribution achieved by using an inner chamber with a
controlled air flow.

Optional Benefits

Elastocon manufactures a range of ageing ovens for
precision ageing of rubbers and plastics under controlled
conditions. All ovens conform to ISO 188, IEC 811 and
other technical equivalent standards.
The ovens are designed to give very low temperature
variations in time and space, low or high air speed and
controlled air exchange rate. Good control of temperature,
air speed and air exchange rate have been shown to be very
important to achieve good repeatability and reproduceability
when doing heat ageing tests of polymer materials.