Elastocon Fogging Tester

For testing of Windscreen Fogging


Equipment for determination of windscreen fogging according to ISO, ASTM
and other automotive standards. The equipment has a compact design with
the heating bath and cooling bath integrated in one casing.
For cooling the water bath, the instrument is normally connected to tap water
of max 18 °C. If the tap water is too warm, a model EB 03C c03C can be supplied
with a built in cooling system with Peltier elements.



Additional Benefits

• The equipment, consists of a
heating bath and a water bath,
built as one EB 03.03 unit.
• Temperature sensor in the cooling
water return.
• Meets the requirements for fogging
tests, according to ISO 6452 and
ASTM D5393 and other automotive
• The baths are made of stainless

Technical Benefits

• Stove bath fluid (modified, aliphatic alcohol) (EB 03.12).
• DIDP reference liquid (EB 03.13).
• UV lamp, 254 nm hand held, for checking the tin side of glass panes (EB 03.14).
• Cutting die for cutting specimen with a cutting press (EP 04-dia 80).
• High precision analytical Balance (KEABT 220 – 5DM).
• Gloss meter (E0248.1).
• Sealing rings of fluro rubber (EB 03.16).