Automatic Crimp Contraction and Shrinkage Tester



The TEXTURMAT ME+ is a test instrument for fully
automatic length measurements on yarn hanks,
characterised by its high flexibility in terms of test
sequence configuration, choice of measuring loads
and time-intervals for the loading- and unloading
periods. As a result, it is possible to carry out different
testing methods according to different standards,
e.g. crimp contraction or shrinkage tests not only
on (textured) filament yarns but also on fibre tow.


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Heating cabinet:
– Model TKL, cabinet shaped, for accommodating
one TEXTURMAT magazine,
temperature range 30 – 300 °C;
– Optional: Model TKL CC with computer
controlled heating.
Hot water container:
– Model WKH 2, cabinet shaped, for accommodating
one TEXTURMAT magazine, loading
from above using a crane and electrically
operated chain hoist,
temperature range 40 – 100 °C.

Test Control

– PC system for controlling the test processes and for the evaluation of the measured data, connected via USB interface;
– Textechno software as a WINDOWS application;
– Input of all parameters for testing and measured
data evaluation on the PC, saving of selected parameter sets of test conditions under code words;
– PC easily integrated into any network type

Additional Overview

For testing of textured yarns, the crimp contraction
test procedure according to German
standard DIN 53 840 or the European standard
EN 14 621 is nowadays finding worldwide application
in industrial quality control as well as for R&D
purposes. This test procedure has been designed
for yarns up to 500 dtex. It uses yarn hanks with an
overall count of approx. 2500 dtex, the hanks being
subjected to various loads during testing and their
length measured at each stage.
Crimp contraction, crimp modulus and crimp
stability are calculated from the measured lengths