Vibrodyn 500



Vibrodyn 500 has been developed to cover the
wide spectrum of requirements in tensile testing
of single fibers. Programmable microelectronics
guarantee maximum flexibility.
The instrument is „one button operated“ for easy
and fast handling. Thereby, any operator
influence is avoided, which means optimum
accuracy and reliability of results.




Product Benefits

Vibrodyn 500 is the choice for producers who
are looking for a flexible and economic
instrument for testing of tensile properties. Its
measuring range fulfils the requirements for
testing of all common fibers.
In combination with Vibroskop 500, the titer
(dtex/den) of the tested fiber is determined and
the result thereof is thereafter used for the
tensile test with Vibrodyn 500 .

Usage Method

The fiber with the corresponding
pretension weight is loaded into
the instrument.
The tenacity test is initiated by
pressing the operation button
directly on the instrument. It is
recorded by the computer in
relation to the actual linear density
provided by Vibroskop 500 or to
the nominal titer.