Vibroskop 500



Our Vibroskop 500 is an automatic instrument
for the determination of the titer (dtex, den) of
single fibers. By an advanced and patented
approach of the vibration method (Vibroskop
method) it assures best accuracy and reliability
and it eliminates any influence of the operator.




Product Scope

Electronic instrument for
automatic determination of the
titer (linear density, fineness,
denier, dtex) of single staple
fibers and monofilaments by
means of the vibration method.

Titer Tester

By pressing the operation button
shortly the measurement is
initiated – the fiber is set into its
natural vibration by an electronic
delta impulse. The titer is derived
from the fiber‘s vibration
frequency. The automatic
measurement assures easiest
handling, minimum influence of
the operator and therewith best
accuracy and repeatability.